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Sustainable Development

Mandate of the Sustainable Development Commissioner

The Auditor General Act stipulates that the Auditor General shall appoint an Assistant Auditor General, bearing the title of Sustainable Development Commissioner, to assist him in his duties relating to sustainable development auditing. In September 2009, Mr. Jean Cinq-Mars was appointed Québec’s Sustainable Development Commissioner.

The Sustainable Development Commissioner is required to prepare a report at least once a year under the authority of the Auditor General. In that report, he makes his comments and recommendations concerning the application of the Sustainable Development Act. He also looks into any subject arising from his audit or investigation in the sustainable development field and makes his comments concerning the principles, procedures or other means employed by the government entities in question.

The mandate of the Sustainable Development Commissioner concerns all of the entities subject to the Sustainable Development Act, namely those referred to in the Auditor General Act.

This mandate clearly indicates that the Sustainable Development Commissioner must judge and report on his findings regarding the application of the Sustainable Development Act. He must examine the way in which the entities assume the responsibilities conferred upon them.

The Sustainable Development Commissioner pays special attention to the planning made by the Administration concerning sustainable development. His audits seek to obtain confirmation that government activities do not have negative effects likely to reduce the support capacity and that they do indeed contribute to the well-being of society.

Sustainable Development Act

The object of the Sustainable Development Act, assented to in April 2006, is to establish a new management framework within the Administration to ensure that powers and responsibilities are exercised in the pursuit of sustainable development. The Auditor General Act was amended in April 2006 to provide for the appointment of a Sustainable Development Commissioner and to add the auditing of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Act.

Ecological Citizenship Committee

In October 2008, an ecological citizenship committee was set up within the organization. The committee’s mandate is to mobilize all staff members with a view to adopting tangible actions that adhere to the principles of sustainable development.

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